We brought innovation to our customers through our managed solutions and services helping them in critical points. Our several projects, national and international-wide, show how we can create a measurable business value for you.

Here are some listed


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Project Categories

How to rapidly roll-out Wi-Fi hotspots

We helped our customer to roll out his Wi-Fi hotspots to provide Internet access anytime and anywhere


A future-saving Wi-Fi solution

We provided our customer an end-to-end Wi-Fi solution, requiring few operations and future-saving investments performed


Internet access anytime and anywhere

We assisted our customer in enabling its customers to activate Wi-Fi hotspots with the maximum flexibility and reliability


How to increase the ARPU

We helped our customer to provide a full managed Wi-Fi hotspot service in order to increase the ARPU, meeting markets' needs


A way to broaden business horizons

We delivered our customer an innovative cloud solution to enable managed Wi-Fi hotspot services, broadening its business horizons


Wi-Fi ready in few steps

We delivered our customer Cloud4Wi, which enables seizing fast opportunities, with no investment and risk


Creating a smart environment

We are assisting our customer in the creation of an intelligent system to gather some physical quantities from the environment


Network Planning and Optimization

The WiMAX in support of territorial water patrols

We supported our customer during the realization of a secure end-to-end Mobile WiMAX network, covering  the areas near the harbor


How to improve the WiMAX user experience

We are assisting our customer in the WiMAX network deployment and related optimization to always offer high quality services


An Italian nationwide WiMAX deployment

We are helping our customer  in the deployment of its national WiMAX network to offer broadband internet access and reliable voice services


High performance from day one

We are assisting our customer in distributing a WiMAX 16e Network operating in the 3.5 GHz band to address various market segments


Assessing Wi-Fi performance on high-speed trains

We assisted our customer to assess its Wi-Fi network performances on high-speed trains and to identify possible improvements

Technology Consulting

Defining the TETRA network evolution strategy

We guided our customer to define the strategy for the future evolution of a legacy TETRA network


A better understanding of LTE

We assisted our customer in a better understanding of LTE, covering both the technological and business perspectives


Estimating costs for 3G/4G networks

We guided our customer to evaluate the costs for the roll-out of 3G/4G networks in different European countries


The impact of LTE on OSS systems

We helped our customer in the evaluation of the impact of the LTE introduction on legacy OSS systems

Towards the spectrum auction

We assisted our customer on  the assessment of the LTE business case, as well as the analysis of LTE performance


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