Today is the Wi-Fi momentum. However, Internet Wi-Fi is considered a basic commodity. Therefore, the Wi-Fi service providers need to find an innovative solution to monetize their Wi-Fi connectivity. Cloud4Wi meets all those challenges enabling next generation managed Wi-Fi services.

Cloud4Wi is a leading provider of next generation cloud Wi-Fi solutions, a managed service designed to create a measurable business value for several market segments.

Thanks to the first Wi-Fi marketplace, the innovative Cloud4Wi solution allows the Wi-Fi service providers to monetize their network by delivering next generation managed Wi-Fi services. Indeed, the applications hosted in the Wi-Fi marketplace provide a better experience for online users, at the same time, giving an effective boost to the Wi-Fi business.

Various telco players, system integrators and vendors have adopted Cloud4Wi to address their most demanding customers.

Cloud4Wi is based in San Francisco and it is a spin-out of WiTech, an Italian company offering managed solutions and services in the telco market with a focus on next generation wireless technologies.


Managed Wi-Fi hotspot service

Cloud4Wi is a cloud Wi-Fi service that allows the creation of next generation of managed Wi-Fi hotspot services in an easy, fast and customizable way thanks to an intuitive backend and Splash Portal. Cloud4Wi allows managed services providers to deliver their own customers a complete managed Wi-Fi hotspot service leveraging on a multi-level approach.

Multi-Level Chain

Cloud4Wi adopts a multi-level chain based on a tree-based hierarchical management, allowing different players to manage their Wi-Fi hotspot services. In detail, Cloud4Wi allows the Managed Service Provider to offer high-customizable Wi-Fi hotspot services, giving Tenants and WiFi Area Owners the maximum flexibility in their definition.

Splash Portal 2.0

Not just a login box! Cloud4Wi implements an innovative Splash Portal that provides a feature-rich and easy-to-customize multimedia communication channel between end-users and Wi-Fi hotspot service manager. Using the responsive approach, the Splash Portal adapts automatically its own content and template depending of the type of devices, ensuring usability on laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Cloud4Wi is the marketplace for web apps and tools, able to enhance the end-user experience delivering innovative application services and to provide effective business tools to Wi-Fi hotspot service managers. Cloud4Wi’s applications include Geo Chat, Net Coupons, Nearby, Advertising, Instant Win, Email Marketing, Social Login, Advanced Statistics, Survey, Click Analysis, Spot News, Places, External Link and Weather widget.



The Analytics is a powerful tool to derive business intelligence from real time and historical Wi-Fi analytics. It can aggregate, analyze and create custom reports based on data collected across the Wi-Fi network. A vast amount of information is available. They include demographic data (age, gender, location, contact details), behavioral data (when users log in, how long they stay, how many times they log in, what device they use, etc.); splash portal engagement data (number of impressions, web apps of main interest, etc.). Learning about online users provides a real boost to the business. Demographic information, for example, can be used to perform effective Wi-Fi marketing campaigns delivering targeted contents (e.g. coupons) to online users.

Vendor Agnostic Approach

Cloud4Wi is a vendor agnostic solution fully integrated with the most popular Wi-Fi vendors of access and network devices and firmware. This ensures the maximum flexibility in the selection of Wi-Fi vendors with a considerable reduction of up-front investments and operational costs.


Cloud Hotspot Controller

The interactive Control Panel enables the cloud management of Wi-Fi hotspot services at each level (MSP, Tenant, WiFi Area Owner). The Control Panel is developed and optimized for several devices (laptops, tablets and smartphones) to simplify daily operations.

Cloud Delivery

Cloud4Wi adopts the cloud approach. It is hosted in the cloud infrastructure of Amazon EC2 Web Services assuring a fast setup of the initiative without any local installation and configuration and, at the same time, guaranteeing high-levels of reliability and security.


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