Network Planning & Optimization

An accurate and professional network planning and optimization is a critical step necessary to achieve and maintain a high quality of services and, at the same time, to minimize investments and operational costs. This requires the adoption of a robust and structured approach capable of taking into account all relevant aspects and ensure the best possible alignment among business objectives, technical constraints and operational efficiency.

Thanks to our skilled team, with years of experience in this field, we can help you realize your network by performing:

Nominal Network Planning
We support you in performing the nominal network planning. Specifically, we estimate the expected network performance, by means of sophisticated radio planning tools, in order to validate the business case and technological assumptions. Specifically, we carry out:
  • Nominal planning of the access network
  • Nominal planning of the backhaul nework
  • Definition of SAR and ranking of sites
  • Issuing of TSS/Loss
Detailed Network Planning
We help you with the detailed network planning. After an accurate site selection, we provide the final network configuration in terms of RF and MW parameters according to the frozenly deployment conditions. Specifically, we carry out:
  • Detailed planning of the access network
  • Detailed planning of the backhaul nework
  • Definition of RF and MW parameters
Network Optimization

We work alongside with you to prevent deployment issues, performing E2E verification and optimization before the commercial service launch.

We support the you in defining the network and service evolution, and improving network efficiency through a quick and efficient diagnosis of its problems.


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