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With the continuous evolution of the telco market, operators might be asked to operate in different types of technologies or, on the worst of cases, to abandon its current technology and adopt a new one, which requires new technological know-how and business models.

With years of activities in the telco market we can facilitate you to identify feasible business objects and make sound strategic decisions.

Business Case Analysis
We guide you in evaluating the economic and financial feasibility of the initiative and planning its realization by:
  • Defining the business goals
  • Identifying the potential market and competitive scenario
  • Evaluating all qualitative and quantitative results
Thanks to the TEA family of business case analysis tools, we support you in laying a solid foundation for a successful 4G (WiMAX and LTE) initiative by:
  • Taking into account all market, technical, economic and financial aspects
  • Building the business case through successive approximations
Cost modeling
Thanks to our numerous studies for operators, vendors and regulators, we can build sophisticated cost modeling in order to:
  • Evaluate the costs of building telcoms networks to provide services using a variety of technologies such as LTE, WiMAX, GSM, UMTS, HSPA, TETRA
  • Set policy and prices
  • Improve market entry decisions
  • Ensure the best possible alignment between business and technology strategies
Understanding of new technology scenarios
We help you to better understand new technology scenarios:
  • Defining appropriate guidelines to address a specific issue
  • Setting out the action plan for a forward-looking network evolution
  • Performing sensitivity analyses to evaluate how performance depend on critical factors
  • Providing a comprehensive overview of the ecosystem
Request for information and quotation

We support you in the selection and evaluation of technology vendor products, through a complete management of RFI/RFQ process.
We manage the entire process to ensure that it is efficient and adheres to the planned timeline:

  • Developing detailed, accurate and effective RFI/RFQ documents
  • Evaluating submitted proposals and discussing them with vendors
  • Selecting the vendor best suited to customer requirements
  • Negotiating the contract



Our Projects

  • Defining the TETRA network evolution strategy
  • A better understanding of LTE
  • Estimating costs for 3G/4G networks
  • The impact of LTE on OSS systems

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